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Wolkenbruch in Locarno

Sa, 17.08.2019 | 11.15 am | Locarno Film Festival, Palexpo (FEVI)

Director: Michael Steiner
Producer: Michael Steiger, Anita Wasser
Production: Turnus Film


The young orthodox Jew Mordechai Wolkenbruch, short Motti, has a problem: The women, his resolute mother suggests him as marriage candidates, all resemble her. They all stand in sharp contrast to Laura, Motti’s dapper fellow student – but which unfortunately is a shiksa - a non-Jewish woman. Assailed with doubts, Motti starts to think: Is his predefined path of a Jewish orthodox marriage really right for him? *Swissfilms

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credits cinegrell:
camera rental, colour grading, vfx, deliveries

camera rental, colour grading, vfx, mastering & deliveries