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«My most beautiful experience? When, post-restoration, even the maker of a film says that he's never seen the film so beautiful».

Nicole Allemann, Project Management Restoration & Lab, Colour Grading

Film Restoration

With us, your valuable film will shine in a new light.

With passion and sensitivity, we restore films according to international standards. Whether we work manually on analog films or restore digital data using software – as the commissioner, we respect the original state of your work and actively involve you in the restoration process.

As FIAF supporters we regularly participate in international congresses and seminars to continually deepen our knowledge. Consequently, we are able to maintain our high standards of quality and restoration ethics.

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Sample – They Call Him Chop Suey


digital restoration

  • Digital Vision Phoenix Finish


film scanning

  • 2x ARRISCAN with archive-option
  • Sondor Resonances


colour grading

  • 2x Filmlight Baselight grading-systems

analog film restoration

  • splice repair, renewal
  • repair of cracked, missing perforation
  • removing residues
  • ultrasonic cleaning
  • film cleaning of fragile material


digital film restoration

  • stabilisation
  • flicker
  • scratches
  • dust, splices, muld, other contaminations
  • colour correction



SAMPLE WORK – digital restoration (videos)

heavy scratches
colour flicker
heavy dust & splices
splice correction
dust & residue of tape / scratches
extensive mold
digital desmet
digital desmet
flicker, stains

preparation – manual restoration

working at the light table
working at the light table
Inspektion des Filmmaterials
renewal of splices
renewal of splices
inspection, manual cleaning
inspection, manual cleaning
shrunken film material
shrunken film material
delivery in metal case
delivery in metal case
editing / splicing
editing / splicing