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Höhenfeuer in Locarno

We, 14.08.2019 | 02.00 pm | Locarno Film Festival, Palavideo

Director: Fredi M. Murer
Producer: Bernard Lang
Production: Langfilm


“Höhenfeuer” is both a story of childhood and of a love affair: The deaf-born “Bub” and his sister “Belli” live with their parents on a remote farm in the mountains. The father intentionally resists the modern age: “I'd rather beat him to death than put him in a home”. After school Belli is not only a servant in her own home but also her younger brother's teacher. From early childhood, they have been an inseparable pair. They love one another. “Holy Mother of God, what sort of children have I?” wails the resigned mother, when the two children do things that are not “normal”. This is just the beginning of the story… Had the film been made 100 years ago – it would have been a saga. *Swissfilms

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credits cinegrell:
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