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Baghdad in Locarno

Sa, 10.08.2019 | 06.30 pm | Locarno Film Festival, Palexpo (FEVI)
Su, 11.08.2019 | 09.30 pm | L’altra Sala
Mo, 12.08.2019 | 11.00 am | Cinema Rialto 1

Director: Samir
Producer: Joël Jent


Amal, a wife in hiding, Taufiq, a writer, and Muhanad, a gay IT-specialist, all meet at Café Abu Nawas, a popular hangout for Iraqi exiles in London. Instigated by a Salafist preacher, Taufiq’s nephew Nasseer, a fanatic religious youth, attacks his uncle and turns everyone’s life upside down. *Swissfilms

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credits cinegrell:
camera rental, colour grading, deliveries

Baghdad in my Shadow
camera rental, colour grading, mastering & deliveries