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Do, 5th April 2018 | 00.05 am | SRF  more >>
Mo, 25th Juni 2018 at arte

Nominations Swiss Films Award 2018: best documentary, best film editing
Winner of the best film editing award

CH Filmszene


"ALMOST THERE tells the story of three men who embark on a journey in search of meaning and happiness in the autumn of their lives. Bob swaps his safe home for a campervan and tries to find the though guy inside himself in the barren Californian desert. Drag queen and stand-up comedian Steve is fed up of England and makes amends with his past between Benidorm’s concrete towers. And Yamada rediscovers his smile by reading stories to children in Tokyo." *

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credits cinegrell:
colour grading, mastering, deliveries

Almost there
Almost There
colour grading, mastering & deliveries